WORLD RECORD Longest Kill in FORTNITE (1262M)



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    We go for the longest kill in Fortnite Battle Royale. Enjoy!
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    に公開 ヶ月 前


    1. Vikkstar123

      PSA: Anyone can get a 4000m+ Kill in Playground mode. WE DID IT IN THIS VIDEO! If you’re leaving comments about that then you missed the point 😂

      1. Clara Kirk

        Vikkstar123 your eyebrows are on fleek

      2. Shallow Point

        Vikkstar123 I have the longest snipe it was 490m any farther than that and the bullets just go through you

      3. Snowy Paladin928

        SM CHAMPION 4200

      4. Snowy Paladin928

        Vikkstar123 world record is 4200

      5. Rock God in training…

        lazarbeam Vikkstar123 lazarbeam lazarbeam lazarbeam lazarbeam lazarbeam lazarbeam

    2. Hunter fortnite and Vlogs Also updates on fortnite

      Um well lazarbeam broke it

    3. Bill Cosby

      Helmet boy is setting records bois

    4. Eigil Alexander Koudal Knudsen 8B Gildbroskolen

      25:12 is the point of the longest kill:)

    5. Arne Van Canneyt

      "a scientific breakthrough" ~ Vik

    6. James Wilson

      To make it more believable drop 1 unit of all ammo and Matts so that it looks like someone died and nobody collected the loot

    7. Raven Team


    8. Jandre

      eliot oh i heard a quick ali-a

    9. Jeffry Richard

      Do only Gray guns

    10. DaBean

      btw vik there was a guy that got a 2000+m c4 kill b4 the playground mode evencame out sooo

    11. Piggy3694

      18:57 . this dude sounding like shaggy mate

    12. Tbclips Dad

      What if he built up and then detonated

    13. Victor Isidor

      Rip purple tac smg😭

    14. garycoeycoe

      Why did you drop 2 legendary guns.

    15. HSV Grange

      lazarbeam got 5326m

    16. ViableL

      look at them slugs

    17. Mel Hawkes

      Anyone else notice everyone else had default names

    18. Brodie A

      But what about the vertical plane though

    19. EpicGaming

      Lazarbeam got over a 4,000 meter kill with c4

    20. Alex Doherty


    21. MPYT

      Yh didn't Lazer beam get 4000 sooooooooo

    22. ItZYerBoi Lach

      My 2 friends got it in a regular game 4K meters so that’s not a world record

    23. The Gaming Feed Of World Records!

      I can officially say that this is a GFWR, recorded as "Fortnite Longest Kill", your score was "4,332 meters" and the previous record was "??? meters", Good job at breaking the GFWR record!

    24. Euan Gearing

      Just copying lazarbeam

    25. Official vlogs94

      We GOT a 5678 meter kill so Eat it

    26. Gagan Bajwa

      You are awesome vik

    27. Scripted

      No the longest kill is 4,000 done by lazerbeam

    28. Dylan Morris-Harcourt

      Elliot: I want to see people beat that Me: opens up photoshop

    29. James Kavanagh

      C4 that’s easy snipe would make me sub

    30. j heath

      LazarBeam got a 4000+meter kill

    31. NAD Gaming

      I had 4307 m

    32. Gaming Moments

      This is not a world record a JP-newsr called Zenic did but was on playground but I’ve seen a guy in a regular game and hit 4000 something

    33. cameron swan

      U literally did the rainbow challenge asweell

    34. Kameron Newman

      Not the worlds longest kill it 4,000 meters in playground mode

    35. Luke Mcc

      I got 4,897 go to junk and build way way out same in moisty and then explode it and no it was not in playground

    36. Julien Vitre

      Not WR Someone already did it at like +2,500m in public match. So yeah... Nice Clickbait

    37. Jaydon De Grilla

      A noob shot a sniper bullet randomly and eliminated a person 4000

      1. Jaydon De Grilla


    38. Gabe Binns

      The longest is 4008 meters watch HJdoogan

    39. Abbovic 7

      Now it’s 4004 meters..

    40. JC Trickshots

      My friend got 2400 u can look for yourself at J_Warrior2025

    41. Philip Deurloo

      somebody hit a 4100m kill in a legit game

    42. Reily Hill

      It’s not a world record

    43. XP HyZe Gaming

      I like how he said theoretical kill distance at the end when it's actually the experimental kill distance

    44. Dying Diamonds

      outtro music please?

    45. Kenny severy475

      Sorry lazerbeam did 4000+ meters

      1. Kenny severy475

        4567m to be exact

    46. Matthew Page

      My record is 4417 for c4 kill

    47. Mental harry Gaming

      Keep up the good work vik luv the vids

    48. Faraz Khan

      Lazarbeam got 4000

    49. Aidan James

      Me and my brother did this before this video was made and got 4,474 meters